Punching and Embossing on nonwovens (New technology)

   Punching simultaneous with Embossing on nonwovens (New technology)

KEYI Steel Embossing Roller Factory has developed a new technology to combine the procedure of punching and embossing on nonwovens together, which can be achieved on the same roller. This can solve the troubles of separating procedures of punching and embossing.

The new technology is to use CNC technique to engrave two  different layers of punching pin pattern and embossing pattern on the same roller, and then to emboss and punch through the way of steel to steel roller embossing and punching. In this way, nonwovens material can be punched while being embossed, which can greatly improve the working efficiency.

After embossing and punching of our special device, the embossing effect of nonwovens clear, and the punching holes on nonwovens are completed obviously. This new technology makes a great leap forward for the technology of punching on hot-blast nonwovens.

picture of embossing roller:

nonwovens embossing punching

Effect of embossing and punching:

nonwovens embossing and punching