Solution to Deep Pattern Embossing on WPC

Solution to Deep Pattern Embossing on WPC

(For PE, PVC Embossing)

The deep 3D patterns embossing on WPC panels becomes more and more popular, which will be a new trend in WPC industry in future. However, most of embossing machines only can emboss simple and light pattern. In order to solve this problem, KEYI Steel Embossing Roller Factory develops a new type of KY360 WPC embossing machine. The new machine can emboss all kinds of deep relievo patterns on solid or hollow WPC panels, shaped WPC profiles, etc, without any damage to WPC panels, which will greatly improve the aesthetic sense of WPC products.

The advantages of this New type WPC embossing machine:

1.     The property of synchronic movement control of both rollers.

2.     The steady embossing process under the high temperature. No slipping or pausing. Constant pressure.

        3.    The consistency between the running trend of the embossing pattern and the movement of embossing rollers are specially designed, in order to make sure the embossing patterns are all well-embossed, full of 3D effect and more natural-like.

WPC Embossing Machine WPC solution

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