Embossing composite machine

Nonwoven Embossing Machine
Product Introduction: 

[Application range]
Toilet paper, anti-vibration pad, Paper and plastic embossed composite, Multi-layered embossed paper composite, non-woven fabric embossed composite,etc.

The speed of motor is controlled by VVVF,our machines are equipped with automatic force control system,and wrinkle-resistant,pressure stable,automatic protection system.They also have a lot of functions such as free adjustment, digital temperature control,digital miles counter,etc.

[Main Technical parameters]
Embossing width: 650mm-1200mm (Free custom)
Embossing speed: 0-40m/min(free adjustment)
Working pressure: 0-25MPa(adjust as the complex pattern required)
Motor power: 1.5KW-3.0KW
Heating power: 1.5KW-3.0KW
Layers of the embossed composite paper: 2-8