KY250-KY1200Punching Device

Punching machine
Product Introduction: 

[Application range]
This machine is used for perforating on materials such as Paper, Plastic film, Non-woven fabric,etc.

The device can support the on-line punching of the equipment of production line.The punching needle roller is designed and produced by the way of oil heating or electric heating. The oil temperature is setted by the computer of mould thermoregulators, and the punching needle roller is heated by high temperature.Special specifications can be punched by the steel on steel concavoconvex rollers,punching methods include steel needle roller on silicagel roller, steel needle roller on composite fiber roller, steel needle roller on steel needle roller.

[Main Technical parameters]
Punching width:250-1200mm(customized)
Punching speed:0-20m/min
Motor power: 1.5--3KW
Working pressure: 0-25MPa
Heating power: 3--5KW
Thickness range: 0.05--0.2mm
Pressure method: Electro-pneumatic or hydraulic oil tanks