KY400 solid wooden boards embossing machine

Solid wood embossing machine
Product Introduction: 
A Great Leap in the Development of Wood-plastic Embossing

We are expert in developing classical wood grain and anaglyph embossing technology.


      Our newly developed classical wood grain embossing machine has been put on the market. The machine is widely used for embossing on the solid wooden boards. Customers can take boards to our factory or send boards to us, and we will provide free service of making samples.
     Embossing racks, VVVF, upper and lower embossing rollers, upper and lower rollers heating devices, temperature controlling device, electric cabinet, cycloid reducer, special traction device, cylinder hydraulic, free lifting working table, pressure automatic protection and buffer device, free adjusting device of the depth of patterns

    Parameters of the machine:
      Embossing width: 400mm (customization is available)
    Diameter of embossing roller: 400mm(pattern perimeter is 1250mm)
    Embossing speed: 1-18m/min
    Main motor power: 3KW
    Upper and lower rollers heating power: 6KW