The application of intelligent embossing system

1. Automatic lifting and tightening system of embossing rollers

The ordinary embossing machine often has the problem of inconsistent depth of embossed patterns when the thickness of embossing material is different. However, the intelligent embossing system can solve this problem. For example, the first board is 25mm thick, and the second board is 24mm thick. When the second go through the embossing system, the pressure will be added automatically. If the third board is 25mm thick, the pressure will release automatically, so that the depth of embossing will be the same.

2. Automatic balance system for the lifting of hydro cylinder

When the right and left speed of lifting of hydro cylinder with embossing rollers, the lift sensor will send the information to the system, so the system will adjust to the balance automatically.


3. Automatic adjustment of embossing depth

When the system confirms the embossing depth, it will automatically add and release pressure while embossing, so that the depth can keep same.

4. On-line long-distance monitor

KEYI has developed the new intelligent system which uses the IOT technology. When inspector and manager are not at factory, they still can inspect the embossing process through phones or computers and can control the machine at long-distance.

5. Professional design of system

Operators can setup technical requirements at the backstage of system, like embossing speed, pressure, limit of tolerance of embossing depth, tolerance limit of rollers’ heating temperature, tolerance limits of plainness of embossing boards, etc. If the embossing quality can not reach the technical requirements, system will alarm automatically. The intelligent embossing system will be a great-leap-forward development in this industry.