Plastic antiskid bag embossing machine

Antiskid plastic bag embossing machine
Product Introduction: 

[Application Range]
The machine is used for embossing on plastic antiskid bags made of PVC, PE, etc. After embossing, the pattern will raise outward to add the property of antiskid. This machine is very professional, well-designed, and highly praised by users.

1. Embossing width: 650mm(customized requirement is available)
2. Feeding belt is equipped with the automatic correction system.

3. Automatic control of expansion force.      
4. Automatic folding.
5. Electric power: 3KW                                  
6. Automatic pneumatic pressure adjustment.
7. Frequency conversion adjusting speed.    
8. Embossing speed: 40-60 m/min



Antiskid plastic bag embossing