KY310-KY910 Automatic paper embossing machine

Paper embossing machine
Product Introduction: 

[Application range]
The machine is used for embossing on various packing and printing material such as: special art paper, business cards, calendar, book covers, etc.

[Function and configuration:]
The  machine is a new type of automatic embossing machine. The main configuration includes embossing racks, embossing roller, compound roller, automatic material feeding and giving out system, fixed thickness detection, digital counter, pneumatic or electric pressure device, digital temperature control, poleless speed adjusting, crease-resist system, fine adjust device for pressure, etc.
Type                      KY310                  KY410                 KY610                  KY810                  KY910
Embossing width     310mm               410mm               610mm                810mm                910mm
Embossing speed   0-20m/min         0-20m/min         0-35m/min          0-35m/min          0-35m/min
Main power               0.35kw               0.35kw              1.1kw                  1.5kw                  2.2kw
Heating power         1kw                    1kw                     1.2kw                  1.2kw                 2.0kw
Working pressure    fine adjust           fine adjust          1-10MPa              1-15MPa           1-25MPa