New 3D Deep pattern Embossing Machine for MDF Wood Panel


KEYI factory has developed a bew type of machine, especially for deep pattern embossing. This machine can be used for MDF embossing,Plywood embossing, wood panel embossing,decorative boards embossing, solid wood panel embossing, door panel embossing,etc. The embossing width can be up to 1350mm。The machine is a best choice for some deep pattern, 3D pattern embossing on wood panels.

Usually, the panels need to be polished and sanded to achieve a better 3D effect of wood grain. In this case, the producing procedures are difficult with a low producing efficiency, and the 3D effect of the pattern is not good enough. Now, our new type embossing machine can solve this problem. It can easy the producing procedure by embossing just once without the procedure of sanding and polishing. What's more, it can greatly improve the 3D embossing effect with the clear and multi-layer wood grain.

Besides, we also developed a lot of new 3D wood grain pattern for customers. 

MDF embossing machine/Plywood embossing machine/wood panel embossing machine

3D pattern embossing roller

3D embossing effect